Rental of construction equipment

Rent mobile, durable, reliable and multifunctional equipment, which at the optimal cost will provide the appropriate level of safety, ease of installation and dismantling, excellent mobility and easy transportation.
Novarent fleet has more than 10,000 units of equipment

Sale of machinery and equipment

Novarent cooperates with leading manufacturers of machinery and equipment for construction and can offer the purchase of the equipment you need on the best terms


NovaRent service works 24/7. At any time in case of questions on operation of the rented equipment and technics NovaRent clients can receive the operative information and the help, having addressed in the next change of service by phone


Constant quality control and guarantee of safe work are essential points in such sphere as rent of construction equipment. We constantly train staff to work safely and provide customers with safety instructions. An integrated approach to customer service involves the implementation of related services

Delivery of machinery and equipment

As an additional service, NovaRent delivers equipment, including oversized, with loading / unloading at the place of delivery. Delivery and export from the object “NovaRent” can be carried out both by own transport, and by means of the transport companies

Order spare parts

For long-term and trouble-free operation of equipment it is recommended to carry out replacement of the failed spare parts, only qualitative accessories. Today we have the opportunity to supply spare parts and components directly from the world’s manufacturers of special equipment, with which we cooperate.

If you are engaged in construction, installation, finishing and repair work, but do not have your own fleet of construction equipment available, it is advisable to rent mobile, durable, reliable and multifunctional equipment, which at the best price will provide adequate safety, ease of installation and dismantling, excellent mobility and convenient transportation.

NovaRent – The new name of the Leader. The quality of services remains unchanged

Novarent is a leader in the Ukrainian market for the rental of construction machinery, equipment and tools. In 15 years we have undergone a significant transformation: the company with foreign owners Ramirent was transformed into a company with foreign investment Fortrent, and since February 2019 we are Novarent with Ukrainian owners and, accordingly, capital that allows us to contribute to the development of domestic business and economy.

The main principle of our company – we offer comprehensive rental solutions to meet customer needs

  • Efficient use and reallocation of fixed assets
  • Minimization of asset value and transparent cost control
  • No running costs
  • No need for a fleet of vehicles
  • Equipment safety check before renting
  • Compliance with technical regulations
  • Well maintained equipment fleet
  • A wide variety of technics
  • Availability of the latest, modern equipment
  • Ability to use the equipment when you need it
  • Delivery to object

Leader of the rental market

The market leader in the rental of machinery and equipment for any stage of construction


range of additional services

Delivery, installation and dismantling of equipment, transport and fuel services. Rent with the operator


own park

The personal fleet of machinery and equipment includes more than 10,000 units from modern manufacturers


Service 24/7

Consulting and technical support throughout the rental period of machinery and equipment from qualified experts


Clear rental concept

The market leader in the rental of machinery and equipment for any stage of construction


comprehensive solution

Individual comprehensive rental solution to expand the capabilities of your business


European standards

Stability and European quality standards, compliance with technical requirements – our values


regional network

We have offices and rental centers in Odessa, Lviv, Kryvyi Rih

Novarent is the official representative of manufacturers in Ukraine

Novarent is an official dealer and has a certified service center for technical support and maintenance of the following brands:

Since its inception in 1881, Haulotte has been a world leader in the production of machines for lifting people and goods. Based on our knowledge in construction and requirements for lifting equipment (for indoor or outdoor use), we have developed different types of machines:
– telescopic lifts (from 14 to 43 m)
– small machines with a working height of up to 16 m
– articulated diesel or electric (from 12 to 41 m) lifts
– non-self-propelled lifts with a lifting height of up to 14 m
– lifts (from 8 to 18 m) for work indoors and outdoors,
– articulated, telescopic towing and mast lifts with working height up to 10 meters

In the construction industry, GEDA has been presenting competence and unsurpassed “Made in Germany” quality for over 80 years. Today, it is almost impossible to find a construction site that does not use one of the lifts from the wide range of products offered by the Bavarian specialist in high-altitude access. But this is not surprising, because GEDA offers a number of lifts and construction hoists that are suitable for almost any use and situation on the construction site. Since the early days of GEDA Lift, a well-known inclined cable car with sales of more than 80,000 units, a range of products has been developed over the past few decades that is unique around the world, from compact cable cars to workers such as as a known roof elevator, GEDA always monitors the market and offers lifting solutions that are perfectly adapted to any application and meet almost all the tasks of the construction site, which requires safety and fast transportation upwards. Thanks to the strong characteristics of GEDA construction hoists, any task can be easily performed.

Maeda is a pioneer in the production of “spider”-cranes, and the line of spider cranes and crawler cranes has always occupied a leading position in the Japanese market. Maeda has been creating products to meet global needs since 1980 and has become the world’s largest manufacturer of mini-cranes.
The Maeda spider crane was designed for use in the stone industry throughout Japan, but it has recently found new markets for wall mounting, glass mounting, equipment installation, and plant construction and repair around the world.
For indoor use, the Maeda spider crane is becoming increasingly popular, as the electric motor allows you to perform work without releasing gas in a confined space.
Crawler cranes are another series of mini cranes produced by Maeda. Due to their compact body, these universal cranes are mainly used on limited construction sites and construction sites.

The world’s largest manufacturer of scaffolding systems. The wide range includes: scaffolding, protective systems Protective System, equipment for events Event System, stairs and towers. For more than 70 years, the company has been a reliable partner for our clients working in the oil and gas, shipbuilding, aviation, chemical industries and for clients who organize sports and mass events. Layher also offers expert technical advice and cost-effective solutions in accordance with current safety standards, which are an integral part of our large package of services. The equipment is manufactured and supplied directly from the main plant in Germany. This is the difference in working with Layher – we create more opportunities for you.

Innovation and high quality products. A leading European company that develops and manufactures products for soil compaction and concrete treatment. The products are developed in close cooperation with customers, much attention is paid to functionality, safety, good ergonomics, high quality and conscious environmental thinking. Many years of experience in supplying machines to leading rental companies have taught us how important the reliability and quality of products. All our products are designed to withstand difficult conditions, be easy to use and maintain. The wide range of products includes direct and reverse vibrators powered by battery, gasoline or diesel. Ground vibrators are supplemented by furnaces and rollers.

Regardless of the purpose of use, CONTAINEX modular buildings will satisfy all your requirements and will offer various architectural solutions. Areas of application of mobile modular buildings are very diverse. They are used in trade, industry, housing and communal services, measures to eliminate the effects of natural disasters. Depending on the project, you can create modular buildings of different sizes with different equipment options: household, office or sanitary. Our modular buildings consist of at least two mobile modules that you can combine at your discretion. Thanks to the flexibility of our panel system, you have the opportunity to create modular buildings up to three floors of different sizes, with different equipment.

A wide range of construction containers. The products are directly ready for use as unified, autonomous and self-sufficient modular buildings. The containers are also equipped with elements such as electrical and heating systems. Depending on the field of use, the products can be used, inter alia, as social premises, offices or others intended for any economic activity. The company offers both sale and rental of containers.

Mobile tower structures are light and high-strength structures designed for quick and easy assembly without additional tools. Universal solution with a minimum level of service.


Delivery across Kiev and area

We will deliver any type of leased or purchased machinery and equipment in Kyiv and Kyiv region



The driver-forwarder will take care of all necessary documents, will inform you at all stages of delivery and if necessary will carry out instruction on use of equipment.


Warranty and safety

Transportation will be performed safely in a pre-determined time


Rent with the operator

If you are not sure that you will be able to cope with the equipment, you can additionally get the services of an operator – a qualified specialist who will timely and efficiently cope with the task.

Do you need an operator of leased equipment?


For 17 years of work in the market we have more than 20,000 customers, including: