Constant quality control and a guarantee of safe work are essential points in such an area as the rental of construction equipment.

We constantly train our staff to work safely and provide customers with safety instructions. An integrated approach to customer service involves the implementation of related services, such as:

Customer service 24/7

The service department NovaRent works 24/7. At any time (24 hours a day, seven days a week and on holidays), if there are any questions about the operation of the rented equipment and machinery, NovaRent customers can receive operational information and assistance by contacting the duty shift by phone. Such a service is designed to provide customers with a convenient and efficient work with the NovaRent company. Service shift phone number: +38 (067) 236-52-61

Electricity supply

The company NovaRent provides a service for the provision of facilities with electricity. The complex equipment of the facility with electricity includes: the supply of DGS (with a capacity of 22 to 630 kVА) with an operator, the supply and refueling of diesel fuel, the supply of a fuel tank and maintenance of the station during its operation. Operators monitor the fuel level and the technical condition of the station. By renting a DGS with a range of services from the NovaRent company, you get the opportunity of uninterrupted power supply 24/7.

Installation supervision

This service is required when installing complex construction equipment such as work platforms, mast hoists and modular rooms. The technical specialist NovaRent provides training for the installation team of the Customer and then supervises the installation process

Installation of equipment

A service in which qualified and authorized NovaRent specialists carry out the installation of equipment at the facility. After the completion of the installation work, an appropriate act of readiness for operation is drawn up, on the basis of which the equipment is transferred to the Customer.

Technical support

When renting scaffolding, modular rooms, generating sets – preparation of drawings, calculation of loads, the required amount of equipment, preparation of recommendations for operation.


Managers of NovaRent advise on the use and application of various construction equipment and machinery, as well as technical features of machinery from various manufacturers.

Warranty service

Warranty and post-warranty service is carried out by certified engineers of NovaRent. The company has a large warehouse of spare parts for all supplied equipment. Thanks to this, the repair time is 1-2 days (compared to 2-3 weeks if the spare parts are delivered from Germany). For the period of repair NovaRent can offer similar equipment for rent.

Backup equipment

In addition to the rental equipment, NovaRent can provide its customers with backup equipment, which is used only when the main equipment is stopped. This helps clients avoid the problems associated with unexpected equipment breakdowns and downtime, which often entail penalties. Back-up equipment is provided at a discount.

Fuel supply

The company NovaRent additionally provides “hot” rental services, i.e. provision of equipment along with fuel. This guarantees the quality and efficiency of work. The company NovaRent has its own vehicle fleet, so we can implement the delivery of fuel at any time, both with the leased equipment, and without it. Ordering fuel together with renting special equipment is the best solution to ensure the smooth operation of your enterprise. An integrated approach simplifies the work of our clients, who no longer need to contact multiple suppliers. We supply only high quality diesel fuel at affordable prices.

Rent with operator

The company NovaRent strives to simplify the business for its clients by offering complex solutions, including equipment rental with an operator. In addition to the equipment, we can provide you with qualified employees trained to work with this technique, which will help efficient and high-quality work, speed up its implementation and ensure safety.